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Use this 50-pack of Staples Thermal Paper Rolls with your thermal calculator, cash register or debit machine. These register rolls feature BPA-free thermal paper for impressive print quality without the use of expensive toner or ink. This convenient package contains 50 rolls to help ensure you have printing media on hand when you need it. The generous 75’ length of these replacement rolls helps increase productivity by minimizing downtime lost to roll changes.


thermal paper rolls

receipt paper

  • 50 rolls per box
  • High quality thermal paper for clear imaging
  • Lint-free paper reduces printer jams
  • For thermal POS, cash registers and debit machines
  • Paper type: Thermal
  • BPA Free

thermal receipt paper

thermal printer paper

pos paper

  • Provides clear and crisp images
  • White Thermal POS
  • Roll Dimensions: 2-1/4"W x 75'L
  • BPA-Free
  • Approximate diameter: 1-5/8"
  • Red stripe WARNING signal at the end of every roll
  • Printer brands: multiple
  • Thermal paper - 55 grams
  • Staples Branded 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Pack Dimensions: 9-1/8"W x 9-1/8"L x 4-5/8"H
  • 50 Pack

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Your one stop shop for Thermal Paper, 1 Ply and 2 Ply Paper Rolls.

Paper Roll is a registered trademark of Shandong Ultra Paper, which is China’s leading paper roll products manufacturer and supplier. We have been in the paper roll manufacturing industry for over 20 years.

We manufacture thermal paper products for Point of Sale, cash register, kiosk, ATM, and payment processing industry. For every market: retail, financial, hospitality, logistics, gaming, and so on. Now we have over 60 workers, 20 advanced slitting capabilities, 10 die-cutting machines, and 5 printing presses. All of them are significant assets of our company.

The most beautiful part of the business is that thermal paper is used in every kind of setting, in millions of places every day. The consumption products can create repeatable profit for you. 

If you are having difficulty finding a product, please feel free to contact us and one of our experienced customer service agents will be glad to help. In business for over 10 years, we look forward to helping you with all your POS Paper supplies.

Thermal Rolls Canada offers great prices and fast delivery across Canada. We specialize in Paper Rolls: Thermal, 1 and 2-ply paper rolls, and many more types of receipt paper. We strive to make our site as easy to navigate as possible.

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We manufacture thermal paper products for Point of Sale, cash register, kiosk, ATM, and payment processing industry. For every market: retail, financial, hospitality, logistics, gaming, and so on. Now we have over 60 workers, 20 advanced slitting capabilities, 10 die-cutting machines, and 5 printing presses. All of them are significant assets of our company.

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Our company’s unique advantage is that our paper roll price is at least 10% lower than other suppliers! Also, we always provide an easy, accurate, reliable service. We appreciate and take care of our customers!

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Carbonless Paper Roll

We can make the 2ply, 3ply carbonless paper roll for duplicating printing purposes. This paper can be used for impact printers in catering, hotel, logistics industry. The printed texts color are black & blue.

Bond Paper Roll

Bond Paper Roll

Also called wood free paper, are used in impact printers that utilize ink ribbons. They are mostly used for stationery, business forms, cash registers, etc. Bond paper is made to perform equally well for offset printing, laser printing.



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ATM Paper Roll

ATM Paper Roll

ATM paper roll is a type of thermal paper that is used as receipts in ATM transactions. When you make a transaction over an ATM, you get a receipt paper from the machine. This receipt records all the transaction information on it.


thermal receipt paper roll

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r Rolls, Bond Paper, 2 and 3-Ply Carbonless Rolls, Large Format Paper, Prescription Rx Rolls, Ultrasound Paper Rolls, Butcher / Food Service and Kraft Packaging Rolls, Engineering Paper, Continuous Form, Plotter Paper and much more! You can browse all of our paper roll products below, or narrow your se

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Radcliffe Big Chief EFT06, Remanco Geac Color PC Workstation,SAM4s Ellix 20II, Samsung SRP350, Seiko DPU 5300, SNBC BTP-2002, BTP-2002NP, BTP-R880NP, BTP-R580, Spectra 1000, Star Micronics TSP100...... (*) To keep the original quality of this product, store in a cool dark place, avoid contact with oil, chemical and fat.

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7156, 7193, 7196, A715, A716, A756, A758, A760, A793, A794, A795Beiyang BTP-2002-NP, Citizen CBM1000, CBM230, CBM231, CBM293, CTS310, IDP3210, IDP3310, LT380, CT-S300Citizen CT-S300 POS printer ,Clover Station Printer, Cognitive TPG (formerly TPG) A756, A758, A760, A776, A793, A794, A795, A798, A799, B780, DH Print 1500, EPSON M129B, EpsonM129C, Epson TM-H5000, Epson TM-H5000 II, Epson TM-H6000, Epson TM-H6000III, Epson TM-T70, Epson TM-T80, Epson TM-T85,

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MICROS TM-T88, Micros 3700, 8700 ThermalNCR 7156, NCR 7158, NCR 7167, NCR 7193, NCR 7194, NCR 7197, NCR7445-2000, NCR 7450, NCR 7452, Panasonic 5000, Partner Tech PT-6215 All-In-One POSterminal , Partner Tech RP-320 thermal printer , PosiFlex Aura PP7000 thermal printers , POS-X XR500 thermal receipt printer , POS-X XR510 thermal receipt printer, POS-X XR520 thermal receipt printer , POS-X EVO thermal printer , QPay Fametech 80P Printer ,

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Print a high quality record of all your transactions.

  • Thermal Paper – For cash registers, ATM machines and gas stations. No ribbon required.
  • 1-Ply Bond Paper – Recommended for kitchen printers, calculators and adding machines. Ribbon required.
  • 2-Ply Carbonless Paper – Ideal for credit card machines and impact printers to create two receipts at one time.

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Prices on this site are for Canadian market place and are based on next day pick up or delivery. Furniture items are only available online, allow aprox. 2 weeks for delivery, additional charges may apply on large furniture items. Laurier Office Mart reserves the right to correct any prices or description without prior notice. 

Laurier Office Mart

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TD Credit Card Receipt Paper Rolls

TD Generation WiFi Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

TD Generation WiFi Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

TD Generation Portal 2 Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

TD Generation Portal 2 Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

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TD iWL252 Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

TD iWL252 Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

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verifone vx520 thermal paper

Compatible with all the most popular TD terminals including: Desk 5000, Move 5000, Generation, These 2 1/4'' pos rolls are ideal for TD credit card terminals.  Freedom, iCT250, iWL252, iWL255 and more.

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TD Move 5000 Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

TD Move 5000 Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

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Micro Format, Inc. is your source for Thermal Paper Sheets, Rolls, Fan-Fold Thermal for use in Mobile Printers.

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TD Generation All In One Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

TD Generation All In One Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

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Thermal Paper for PocketJet® Mobile Printing

    • Law Enforcement
      • Parking Violation Ticket Rolls
      • E-Ticket thermal printer paper rolls
      • E-Citations thermal printer paper rolls
    • Fire Rescue
    • Pest Control
    • Delivery Services
    • Heating and Air Conditioning
    • Moving & Storage Companies
    • Auto Parts Delivery
    • Thermal Paper for Mobile Computing
    • Portable Printer Paper Rolls and Sheets

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TD Desk 5000 Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

TD Desk 5000 Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

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2.25 inches by 60 feet thermal receipt paper rolls by Papertec. Shop from Canada's #1 POS roll source!Used in both desktop and wireless TD terminals.  Lowest price, reliable, and direct from manufacturer.  Each roll is quality tested for a Crisp and Long Image Life.  Grade AAA+, Premium White rolls with a warning stripe. 

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TD Freedom V Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

TD Freedom V Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

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We are looking for thermal paper rolls. The paper is used for credit card machines (POS machines) or ATM. The size is 2.25 inches wide and the rolls are typically 84 feet long. The rolls get bundled in bags of 5 and then in boxes of 100 or 50. We need 20,000 rolls or could go up to 50,000 if quality is good. Please let me know if you can get me some quotations.
I want to receive: 
Product Spec . Price Payment . Product Catalog . Packing Info .

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TD Freedom IV Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

TD Freedom IV Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

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TD ICT250 Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

TD ICT250 Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

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·        Blue Bamboo H50 Wireless POS Terminal, P25 Portable Printer, Blue Bamboo PocketPOS P200

·        Bixolon Mobile Printer SPP-R200, SPP-R210 

·        Celerex CX 1000 Remote Terminal

·        Citizen CBM262, CBM270

·        Clover Flex, Mini, Mobile

·        Commerciant Mobilescape 3000, 5000

·        DatecsPP-55 Palm Printer 

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Epson kitchen receipt paper

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2 ply thermal receipt paper

Machine Compatibility

·        EBW Auto Stik 950

·        EMCO/Wheaton Tank Monitor II

·        Extech S1500T, S2500T, S2500THS

·        First Data Model Terminals FD400 / FD400ti  / FD410 Credit card Terminal  FD-400, FD-410, FD-400ti

·        Global Payments iCT220, iCT250, iWL220, iWL250, VX680

What does PDQ in PDQ thermal paper rolls mean?

thermal PDQ paper Would you like to ask what is PDQ in this phrase? Online hurry


·        Ingenico Models iCT200, iCT220, iCT250, iWL220, iWL222, iWL250, iWL252, iWL255, iWL258, iWL280, EFT 930S-L, iPP220, IPP320, iWL Touch 280, iWL Touch 350, 5100, 5310, 7780, Aqua, i5100, i5310, i7310, i7780, i7810, i7910

·        LinkPack 3000, 9000, 9100

·        Lipman Nurit Model Terminals Nurit 8000, Lipman Nurit 8000, Lipman Nurit 8020

·        MagIC 6000

·        Match CONSULT-II

·        MobileChargePro Thermal Printer

·        Moneris Desk5000, iCT250, iWL220, iWL250, v400c, VX520, VX810, VX820 

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This paper presents the results of finite element analysis of temperatures and thermal stresses for the Rolls during quenching

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Our main business areas are carbonless paper, thermal paper, and fine papers used for bills and forms printing, computer forms, fax rolls, and other thermal rolls

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·        Talento Dassault

·        Tanita Body Fat Analyzer TBF310

·        TD Desk 5000, Move 5000, Freedom IV, Freedom V, Generation, iWL252, iWL255, iCT250

·        Veeder Root TLS350

·        Verifone VX VX510, VX520, 520LE, VX520 Contactless, VX520 Dual Comm, VX570, VX610, VX670, VX675, VX680, VX810, VX820 Duet, VX690

·        Verifone OMNI 3200, 3210, 3300, 3350, 3700, 3730, 3740, 3750, 5100

·        Way Systems

·        S40 Printer

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the day it is received and have it shipped out within 24 hours. We never back order. All of our products are always in stock and ready to be shipped. We offer free shipping In Canada on all orders. Take advantage of our quantity discounts of 10-50% off our list prices. We appreciate your business and will make every effort to make your buying experience as enjoyable as possible.

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heat receipt paper


·        Width: 2-1/4" (57mm)

·        Length: 60'

·        Inner Core diameter: 3/4'' (19mm)

·        Roll diameter: 1-3/4'' (44.5mm)

·        Packaging: 100 Rolls per Box

·        Paper Type: Thermal

·        Red end of roll warning stripe

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·        Omniprint C. 1160 Series, OM20

·        Printech Mt2

·        Royal Alpha 583CX, Royal Alpha 600SC, Royal Alpha 9155SC

·        Samsung SPP-R200, ER5200, ER5240

·        Schlumberger MagIC 6000, MPT/ICC SII

·        Sharp 01PU, 01PU, XE-A201

·        Standard Register S40

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odel SMA8 belongs to environmentally friendly thermal paper, with a weight of 55g, a thickness of 60um, high definition, no bisphenol A, environmental protection and safety, and ordinary thermal paper, both domestic and foreign sales are very large.

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kitchen printer paper 2 ply

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Model SM80 belongs to bisphenol A-free thermal paper, weight 80g, thickness 85um, high definition, BPA-free, high smoothness, environmental protection and safety, base paper, domestic and foreign sales are large.

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thermal paper for pos machine

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Model SMA4 belongs to non-BPA thermal paper, with a weight of 60g, a thickness of 68um, high definition, no bisphenol A, double-sided color printing, environmental protection and safety, and large sales at home and abroad.

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Guangdong Huisheng Paper Co., Ltd. main products: Thermal paper, thermal paper base paper, three-proof thermal paper, special thermal paper

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